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frozen4champs wrote:

Bonin21 wrote:

If the Gophers don’t make it, my cost is $0. I have no desire to watch other teams play for and lift the trophy, especially as it would so often be rivals. Unfortunately I’m not sure Boston would be on the cards with how ridiculously expensive it looks.

Obviously my advice isn’t something for you, as expected. I also said “If you have the means”. I realize that not everyone has the means or desire to go every year. I was just pointing out an option for Bale as well and maybe he is more open minded to watching good college hockey at Frozen Fours. You may not fit in with the rest of us that are having a good time anyway. :lol:

I just snagged the JetBlue/AA combo for 555. Looks like it might have been the last seat on one of the AA flights back so not sure doing better than 555 will be possible. If the Gophers lose I’ll cancel but I hope that isn’t something I need to do.

Extending one day in a hotel for a slightly cheaper flight didn’t really seem to net out cheaper from what I saw.