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After shirking my responsibilities and sitting on the couch for the last two days, it doesn’t look like any of the 8 advancing teams are unbeatable. Michigan and UMD may have had the two best games of the first round, but I think that says more about who they were playing and I wouldn’t characterize either of them as flawless even with one of them being a shutout.

Michigan gave up 3 goals and was out shot. I definitely wouldn’t put that anywhere near best

Well fine, then pick one of the 6 1-goal games. The fact that we disagree only helps demonstrate my point that there isn’t really a favorite among the 8 remaining teams based on the first round.

No I agree fully on that. UMD looked impressive in their win. Rest were all gritty (but it takes that this time of year). Agree that the tournament still has all 6 of the prior favorites around (UM, UMi, MNSt, WMU, Denver, UMD; UND would’ve been included if they were healthy). Says something about how open the tournament felt to be as we started. Should be fun.