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Tech v Duluth

Not the most violent check, but nowhere in the clip did the Tech player see the UMD player from the side or front. It was all back.

Rule 50 – Hitting From Behind

50.1 Hitting From Behind – A player shall not push, charge, cross-check or body

check an opponent from behind in open ice.

PENALTY—Minor or major at the discretion of the referee.

Hitting from behind into the side boards, end boards or goal cage is a

flagrant violation.

PENALTY—Major and game misconduct or disqualification at the

discretion of the referee.

Note: The committee reminds coaches and players that the responsibility

remains with the player approaching an opponent along the boards in this rule.

While players turning to draw penalties are a concern, the positive change in

behavior the committee observed outweighs this issue. Any penalty in relation to

this rule along the boards or into the goal cage must be a major penalty and a

game misconduct or disqualification.