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I’m biased but the UMD bracket is soft. Bulldogs should win and go to frozen four.

It’s interesting because 4/5 matches up on paper with 12/13, and therefore may be slightly more likely to be soft like it is this year than 1/8/9/16 and 3/6/11/14 where you have three good teams.

I’m just commenting on what I see and admittedly it’s biased, not mathematical, just my opinion. What a stinko call on M Tech’s Halonen in first period, we will never know if Tech could have had a shot. The Cinderella teams beating the giants is the best part!. I’m not a fan of any conference, I want to see the mighty fall. Except the gophers, of course. Go gophers!

It was too bad Halonen got tossed, I didn’t think the hit warranted an ejection, not even sure it would be called a penalty in an NHL game. In an NCAA game, a two or a five…but not an ejection. It’s deflating losing your best player in the first period…happened to UMD when Cates was ejected in the Icebreaker while UMD was outshooting Michigan like 12-1 in first period, it totally changed the game. It’s like the NCAA officials go a little overboard looking to call majors which result in ejections…if there’s intent to injure, sure, eject them, but there’s a lot if borderline hits resulting in ejections in NCAA games.