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MNGophers29 wrote:

Steve MN wrote:

MNGophers29 wrote:

Alright, after scrolling through SS.com until my wife yelled at me to grow up, here is what I learned.

1. NCHC refs are awful

4. Notre Dame has the worst diving team in hockey

1: Well, it’s B1G refs, and they’re not wrong.

4: They play UMD several times a year, they should know better. The UMTP Swim and Dive team has been generating phantom calls for many many years.

It appeared they were mad at the NCHC refs for how they prepared them for tonight’s game…

So, because NCHC refs let their squad of goons get away with cheap shots all season, it’s THEIR fault that the Effing Hawks couldn’t beat Notre Dame… got it. They’re as delusional as ever, I guess.