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Some are worse, they are NDSU fans. ;)

Agreed. Between the 2 schools, there aren’t many of us good folks here!

@YoungEagle – MD will probably find this somehow and send me 22 text messages in 12 minutes….

(MD is my bison obsessed cousin who spams us about ndsu crap about once a month.)

Insufferable. I posted the picture that was tweeted about Notre Dame playing NDSU and the NDSU faithful are it up.

He told me once NDSU could beat Alabama 😂

That’s all I need to say on that..

Most of the delusional ones say that up here. It’s funny. Just like the Fargodome is the nation’s premier tailgating destination. That was when the first College GameDay was here, I was running the Home Depot so I was heavily involved in that and as soon as they sent the petition around to mauve ESPN move it from downtown to the Fargodome I turned on NDSU.