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Bonin21 wrote:

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Bonin21 wrote:

No goals allowed in 207:39 for Fanti.

Winner of UMD vs Michigan semi wins the title this year.

So you’re just picking 2/5 (UMD, UMI, Denver, UM, MNSt)? Not very bold man.

What? I’m saying UMD and Michigan will meet in the semi and the winner will win it all.

You picked 2 of the top 5 teams, so really not that surprising. Personally I’ll be surprised if Duluth gets through Denver, but they both have far easier roads to meet in the semis than if I were to say MN and MN St will meet in the semis and the winner will win it all. But there’s a reason most people only listed 5-6 teams who could win it and you’re listing 2/3 on that side of the bracket.