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I work for a small, family-owned manufacturing company (50ish employees). Up until about 2 years ago, things were always stable and fine. I won’t go into details, but over the last 2 years we’ve lost most of our quality, experienced, long-time employees. Some of those people had been here 20 years or more. What started with a trickle of resignations has turned into a flood over the past 6 months. We lost so many good people so quickly, there hasn’t been enough experienced people left to train new employees. This has created chaos in our factory since nobody is properly trained. Our quality control has become horrendous.

My manager (who has been here almost 30 years and was the one who hired me) resigned this week. I just found out another long-time employee resigned today. I’ve been here 20 years, and I’m probably now one of the 5 most senior people here. I stayed longer than I probably should have because the fringe benefits were great (short commute, nice office with a window, lots of vacation time, flexibility to leave early to get to my kids’ activities, etc…).

I’ve decided it’s probably time to get off the Titanic while lifeboats are still available. Officially my job title is Project Manager in our sales division, but over the years my job has morphed into a weird combination of sales, customer service, engineering, and production manager. I’ll be spending the weekend getting my resume updated.

I’ve been out of the job seeker/interview game so long that the thought starting over at a new company is pretty overwhelming. If anyone has any job leads, or even just helpful advice, please shoot me a PM. I would like to stay in the eastern half of the TC metro if possible.