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gator wrote:

I would be clueless if I had to apply for a job. I haven’t had to apply for a full time job since Jan. 1998. I have had a small handful of interviews for being a beer vendor at the original stadium, temporary stadium and new stadium stadiums for the Vikings and Twins.

Pretty much the same. My “interview” for my side gig was:

So, you know Employees A and B?

Yup, a couple years now.

You know beer, correct?

Most definitely.

How about spirits?

I know the brown water, some vodka, zero tequila, a little about gin. FTR, I know NOTHING about wine except if it’s red or white.

Alright, when do you want to start? You’d be a mid-shifter, so choose your own hours.

Yeah, that was a bit different.