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Thanks. I asked specifics, and they gave a lot of very vague answers. They asked me what my ideal salary would be, I said $150,000 – they didn’t see the humor and I said, well, you asked for my ideal salary. I gave them a number that I think I am worth (and what it would take to get me to consider a move right now), to which they said oh, do you have a bare minimum. Yeah… that’s the number I just gave you, that’s what I am looking for if I were to move right now. I asked about where the company was located, is it downtown? Are they 100% in office? etc. Couldn’t get much info there. They wanted a home address for me and they would type it into google and give me a commute time. Couldn’t tell me if there was a 401k match, or even health insurance.

I haven’t looked for a job in 8 years, none of my info is current. I told them it would take me a week or more to get my resume and most recent 15 project list together. They seemed surprised and irritated it would take me that long. They also tried to ask 3 different times what my current salary was, and when I wasn’t willing to share that they said it was a “critical piece of information for them in this process.”

If they approached me and told me about the job position and the potential employer first, then asked me if I was interested in it – I would probably feel differently. Here they are asking all about me first while I try to scratch for info about the job. It feels completely backwards and seems like a major fishing expedition. So I am just going to ignore them. I was worried about burning a bridge with a potential firm to work for, not necessarily this recruiter. But it seems clear the firm doesn’t know me yet, and this recruiter isn’t going to share my info with them if I am non-responsive otherwise the firm could just talk to me directly. I am up to my eyeballs in work right now (I don’t know anyone who isn’t) and am fine with my job, I don’t need a homework assignment right now to aid a recruiting agency in setting up profiles.

Thanks for the feedback guys.