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Don Adams Wheel of Justice wrote:

Greyeagle wrote:

Mrs. GE and I went to our first Loons game tonight, they are really fun games. Will definitely do it again!

Also helps the stadium is in our neighborhood so the 7 minute commute makes it really easy.

I was sincerely concerned about the long term health of a few Philly Floppers but the are miraculous healers! ;)

I was there last night for the first time as well. I’m not a soccer guy but it was a really good time and the stadium is pretty cool. I don’t know who sang the national anthem but he should sing it before every MN sports event. He absolutely killed it.

Viking had an extra ticket a couple years ago, so I bought his extra ticket. I’m not a soccer guy either. I had a blast and told him I might have a to go to another!!!