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Snowcool08 wrote:

davescharf wrote:

I’ve seen a lot worse not called. Both those challenges are late and can be called a foul. As much as I hate the VAR I don’t think you can force the referee to take a look at this because of a clear error.

It sucks for Denmark is happened in ET of a knockout game but I’m not going to get into an uproar over it

The ref originally called for a penalty. The VAR only confirmed it.

I remember when Klinsmann first took over for the USMNT and he essentially said they needed to flop more. Get more calls that they normally wouldn’t. There was a big push back on this. The US always wants to prove they’re stronger than everyone and flopping is the opposite of that.

I haven’t seen as many national team matches lately but iirc US players at the very least tend to avoid the Neymar roll.