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alignrock wrote:

Bigbeer wrote:

I don’t know why I always have to watch big time international soccer to remember how stupid the rules are. How is it this popular?

Because personal taste is a thing, the world is really big and all sports have plenty of stupid rules?

All sports have some dumb rules that often get changed and sometimes changed again. Soccer is the only sport based on a constant parade of dumb rules and questionable calls but never tweaked. Because of the dumb rules, a questionable call in the first 10 minutes can mean a loss at the end because it’s so ridiculously hard to score…most sports aren’t like that. Soccer is set up as so anti-offense that one little mistake or bad call will determine the whole game. Then if you manage to get the game to a shootout, the shootout is set up so pro-offense that if one of the goalies manages to make a single save his team will probably win. Who thought this was a good idea?

Take the England/Denmark game today. In the box, a Denmark player barely bumps Sterling who of course immediately falls to the ground drawing a penalty which of course was a goal even tho the goalie made the initial save.

At the very least, tweak the offside rule, move back the penalty kick spot back about 5ft and maybe call an occasional penalty for diving.

It’s not about taste…soccer would be a beautiful game if manipulating the refs with bad acting wasn’t the main determining factor on who wins.