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gopherguy13 wrote:


How out of touch are these ownership groups that they didn’t know this would be met with extreme backlash?

I also read an article last night saying that even the managers at the clubs didn’t know this was coming.

Most of the 12 teams have foreign ownership (American, Asian, Russian, Middle East). They really misread the room when it came to fan support. The possibility of no domestic league, or cup play, by breaking off to form the Super League would kill European soccer at it’s roots, and that is the basis of any supporter.

It was also the Super League’s basic assumption they could just up and start their own competition and still have their domestic games intact. Now that it’s not the case, there is little incentive for teams to breakaway.

That’s why German teams with the 50+1 ownership model didn’t even consider the SL. If they did, the fanbase would rather burn their stadium to the ground vs not having domestic games. Leipzig is one of a few exceptions to the 50+1 rule (owned by Red Bull) that I thought might find the SL beneficial and leave the Bundesliga.