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Makes sense about PSG and Bayern. I can’t see the players agreeing to forgo National team participation.

Oh PSG and Bayern will be joining at some point, you can bet your butt on it. There are supposed to be 15 founding members and the three seats being warmed up are surely for Bayern, Dortmund, and PSG. All three were members of the old cartel dubbed the G-14.

Wouldn’t Bayern and Dortmund need the fans’ approval, because of the 51% rule? I don’t forsee any fan base voting for this.

I won’t claim to know the intricacies of their ownership/approval situation, but they won’t really be left with a choice if this goes through. While they are what I will dub very “proud” clubs, are they really going to sit on the sidelines of what will ultimately become the only top European competition? They definitely aren’t immune to the current financial issues that are plaguing the vast majority of football clubs. Not to mention, who is going to want to play for the noble German clubs on the outside that are not able to offer the amount of wages the Super League clubs can?

Personally, I’m still hoping this is some huge bluff, but it’s probably way beyond that now.