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This is going to be VERY interesting


So, honest question, as I have no idea how their contracts work.

What can the players actually do? Do they even have the option to refuse to play these games?

Well, the course of action for a player in this case would be to go to his club and say, “I’m not going to play in these games, if you refuse to drop out of this league, I demand that you sell me to a team who is not in this league.” At the end of the day, the players hold the ultimate power in deciding whether they want to play. The clubs can’t force them to do anything. Assuming FIFA/UEFA keep that stance, and says that anyone who plays in a Super League game can never play for their national team again, that will have to be the choice of every player.

Guys like Aubamayang at Arsenal, who is from Gabon, never going to realistically win a World Cup, maybe he’s OK with it. But a guy like Paul Pogba at Manchester United, who is from France and still in his prime, I’d imagine he’d have a big problem with that. Hell, look at Christian Pulisic at Chelsea. He’d have to decide if he’s OK with never playing for the US National Team again.

The national teams are so important to a lot of these guys. If anything is going to kill this league, that will be it, IMO.

I completely understand that the national teams are really important to the players. But if they demand to be sold to another team, but their club doesn’t, do they have any recourse other than to stop playing entirely, other than for the national team games?

Of course, any player not already with one of the teams in question could just refuse to sign a contract there, so it kind of fixes itself in the long-term.

Certainly a huge mess all around.