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Viking wrote:

davescharf wrote:

I don’t think the leagues can ban the clubs joining this because of the massive impact it would have on all the other teams in those leagues.

That said if FIFA did decide to ban them from International Duty that might have some teeth, but I doubt they have the balls to do it

In other news, what was your favorite Jose Mourinho memory at Tottenham?

It is against Premier League bylaws to enter any competition without the approval of The FA. So, while they can not be banned from joinig this Super League, they can be kicked out of the Premier League. I can’t imagine any fan base accepting this whole thing.

It’s really kind of a fascinating game of chicken that will be going on here.

The PL clubs are thinking “There’s no way they’ll ACTUALLY kick us out of the league”, and the PL is thinking “There’s no way they’ll go through with this if we kick them out of the league”.

First one to blink loses.