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davescharf wrote:

gopherguy13 wrote:

davescharf wrote:

Spurs have had a rough few weeks. First losing the NLD and then blowing a 2-0 first leg advantage in the Europa League today

Yeah they might as well fire Jose…

Firing Poch was the worst thing they ever did. Took them to the Champions League final, and they fired him. I think they thought they were a bigger club than they really are when they did that. Could be years before they ever get a manager that good back in the door.

As far as the brand of football goes, watching Mourinho teams makes me want to claw my eyes out. Poch’s teams were always fun to watch. If Mou isn’t winning trophies, send him packing…

Especially when Poch may take PSG to the Finals again this year.

I’m surprised Mourinho keeps getting jobs at this point. His shelf life is 2-3 years wherever he goes. At least if Arsenal does something dumb and gets rid of Arteta (who I think is building something good at the Emirates) I shouldn’t have to worry about them ever hiring him.

That’s a bold statement considering their draw. Would have to beat Bayern and (likely) Man City just to get there. I like Chelsea’s draw a lot more!!! Keep The Blue Flag Flying High!!!