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Viking wrote:

davescharf wrote:

I saw an amazing stat yesterday. Manchester United hasn’t lost a Premier League game that they’ve lead at halftime since 1984. The streak has crossed 291 games and I think only about 20 of them even ended in a draw

“Fergie time” helped with that streak.

Kind of important to mention the streak is only for home matches. Just for some reference here is all EPL clubs’ home record after leading at halftime:

2018-19: 106 wins, 16 draws, 4 losses

2017-18: 103 wins, 12 draws, 9 losses

2016-17: 117 wins, 13 draws, 5 losses

So clubs from the very top of the league to the very bottom had a 95.3% no-loss rate after leading at halftime at home.