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frozen4champs wrote:

BlueBandit24 wrote:

Chesley has slipped in a few but then you have reports like above indicating NHL teams are high on him and his production has spiked lately. I’d imagine he goes 1st. Just educated (by my standards) guesses:

Cooley (Top 5)

Snuggerud (1st)

Chesley (1st)

Rinzel (2nd)

Lucius (3rd)

Mittelstadt (5th)

Kurth (6th)

Your guesses look pretty good. As you have said, Chesley’s stock is all over the board. I have seem him anywhere from 20-45. Keep an eye out for Rinzel moving up. One draft “expert” on a NHL radio draft show had him as high as 17th. The guy said that he has shown so much growth in the past year it is unbelievable.

So potentially 4 first rounders. Even Cruz Lucius was seen as a late 1st round type guy at the beginning of this year before injury. Hope we don’t become Mich/BU. I think we all agree a mix of Sorenson and Cooley type players is ideal. 50/50 like an Arnie Palmer. Maybe 70/30 so you don’t gotta rebuild all the time.