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maroon_and_gold wrote:

Bonin21 wrote:

Davey J. wrote:

He and Brodzinski (if he leaves) will be addition by subtraction!

I agree. Time for fresh blood.

Subtract Denman/Rossini/Brinkman + plan on losing two of Lacombe/Johnson/Faber (-5 bodies)

Add Mittelstadt/Thomas/Chesley and someone else but ideally only one of the above three should leave (Lacombe and Johnson are not NHL ready).

I think LaCombe is ready and will sign. This second half he’s had has been really impressive. No one gives me more confidence going back for a puck in our own end than #2, not even Faber.

Lacombe reminds me of Suter. He doesn’t panic and usually makes the safe play. Unlike Suter, he likes to join the rush. He has had a terrific second half.

Nobody ever said Brinkman was in the same class as the others, but I think he’s had a pretty solid season. He has Motzko’s confidence. He was out there with Faber at the end during the penalty kill in yesterday’s game when Minnesota needed to protect their lead.

Brinkman is physical and plays his position well. Against really fast teams like Michigan he gets a little more exposed, but I have no problem at all with his performance this year.

I suppose thw gophers could just recruit six johnson/faber/lacombe types but if you look around the league nobody has that.