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Davey J. wrote:

streakygopher wrote:

Brinkman has had a good year, but he doesn’t skate nearly as well as Johnson, and it’s not even close. He also doesn’t pass, handle the puck, or see the ice as well. Brinkman is a steady defenseman, but Johnson is an elite college hockey player.

He’s a little small and doesn’t step into the offense much, but he’ll definitely get his chance at the next level.

I disagree! Brinkman is BY FAR the worst regular d-man on the team! He’s a below average skater with below average hands and bottom of the barrel processor speed!

He and Brodzinski (if he leaves) will be addition by subtraction!

Brinkman obviously isn’t as talented as the other D on this roster but he is an above average stay at home college D-man IMO. Generally you aren’t going to have 6 All American candidates on your blue line and guys like him have value. But whatever, even with the team headed to Boston some need to accentuate the negative.