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Hammy wrote:

maroon_and_gold wrote:

Geno Pichora is such a head scratcher to me. Why did Bob, the guy that preaches about getting older, get a GOALIE to commit at 16? Just weird.

The age they commit at isn’t what makes the team younger or older.

A kid can commit at 16 or 17 but not come in to college until he is 20 and that fits exactly with the coach’s aim to “get older”.

I understand that for skaters. But for goalies to commit at 16 is such a gamble. I would argue if they’re USNTDP or nationally recognized then you can get them at 17/18 but more often than not you should get goalies to commit at 20 with proven juniors success. If not then you run the risk of what’s happening to Pichora: putting up meh numbers in a league no ones ever heard of.