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frozen4champs wrote:

I have faith that tBob has a plan with what appears to be an abundance of forwards that are SCHEDULED to come in next year. Since NLI’s have been signed, there may have to be a compromise between a player or two to defer them from coming in.( not a lot of options as some are out of Jr eligibility) As for Perbix and Brodzinski, Bob has a long relationship with both families, and even through he and Bryce appear to not be on the same page at times, it would be tough for me to see him tell them to find another team.

Brodz isn’t transferring to SCSU, the family’s relationship is with tBob. Only way Bryce isn’t back is Philly signing him & as a 7th round draft pick, that isn’t very likely. The kid has an elite shot, but unfortunately is an average skater (at best) which doesn’t help him playing on the enormous pond AKA Mariucci. Blake Biondi has similar attributes as a player (15 goals, 10 assists) but benefits playing home games on an NHL configured ice sheet