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Gophers_inGF wrote:

Speculative lucius fallout with Bob pushing Cruz back a year doesn’t make sense to me. My incoming rankings would go Cooley, Knurth, Cruz, pinoniemi, strobel, Warner, John mittelstedt. Guys like Sorenson, Schmidt, perbix may have to transfer out to make room.

Hey, put a little respect on JMs name here!! Not sure if he is for sure coming or not, but his .5 PPG in the USHL is infinitely better than Warner with his what 4 games played in the NAHL and then hanging them up? Strobel who has a .5 PPG in inferior league (BCHL) and who was brought in at the expense of Joe Miller (who has over a PPG in USHL) because of his narrative (state tourney, uncle etc, promises to MSHSL coaches association).

Cooley, Snuggerud, Kurth, Cruz, Pino, Mittlestadt…..Strobel……………..