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Vegoe wrote:

Bonin21 wrote:

Ask Snuggerud and Chesley to play a year of juniors after NTDP and watch them suit up for another school in the fall.

Hard to tell if those two are going to be first round talents right now. Broz played that extra year of junior after being a second round pick. Huglen and Pitlick did it after being fourth and fifth round picks. Lamb did it after being a fourth round pick.

College hockey isn’t like college football, you can’t redshirt players and you need everyone on your roster to contribute.

You get yourself into problems in college hockey if you’re spending too much of your season developing players who aren’t ready.

Broz was drafted in 2021.

Huglen had crazy injury problems. He was a 4th rounder so ya, asking one year of USHL would have been fine.

Pitlick and Lamb were drafted after 11th grade because of their birthdays. So they are both playing one year of USHL after graduation, reasonable for 4th and 5th rounders.

1st and 2nd (and probably most 3rd) rounders: Don’t count on a year of USHL post HS graduation. Hopefully they already have a year of USHL under their belt at that point by leaving MN HS early or via NTDP.

Everyone else: Sure