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Vegoe wrote:

I know Motzko wants to get the team older in general, but experience can overcome some of that requirement. I just worry about a group of 18-yr-old kids that are only going to play two years of college in too many key roles. You don’t want to turn away a high, high talent like Logan Cooley, but other guys like Cruz Lucius, Jimmy Snuggerud, Ryan Chesley, Max Rud might have easier transitions to college hockey if they chose to wait until they are 19 instead of trying to make the leap at 18.

Ask Snuggerud and Chesley to play a year of juniors after NTDP and watch them suit up for another school in the fall.

Rud and Lamb will play their first college games at 20. Rinzel will come in at 19 because he is old for his grade.