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Norm wrote:

mlhouse wrote:

So Cooley would be part of next season’s freshman class?

@Vegoe On last week’s podcast you said if you were coach you would only bring in one freshman forward like this guy. Makes me wonder, are there others in the fall of ’22 freshmen that you would put in this category?

I think a big reason for the success the Gophers are having right now is because of the experience of the players Motzko has brought into the program. Some of their most consistent players are guys who put in the time in junior hockey before starting college. I think that if a player has gone through some adversity, then are much better positioned to handle it. When you have players who have never had to deal with a slump, it’s not great when that happens in college when you only get 35 games and there aren’t many slump busters on the schedule.

Ben Meyers played 135 USHL games.

Tristan Broz played 119 USHL games.

Rhett Pitlick played 95 USHL games.

Matthew Knies played 91 USHL games.

Jaxon Nelson played 164 USHL games.

Aarong Huglen played 68 USHL games and went though a ton of adversity with his back injury duyring those three years too.

Jack Perbix played 89 USHL games.

Carl Fish played 97 NAHL games.

Mike Koster played 81 USHL games.

Matt Staudacher played 110 USHL games.

Conversely… lets look at some players that maybe have been rushed to college.

Ben Brinkman played 0 games of junior hockey.

Bryce Brodzinski played 19 USHL games.

Sammy Walker played 21 USHL games.

Casey Mittelstadt played 26 USHL games.

Also you could argue that some of the USNTDP guys would have been helped by playing an extra year of juniors as eventually they found their footing, but it was tough at first.

I know Motzko wants to get the team older in general, but experience can overcome some of that requirement. I just worry about a group of 18-yr-old kids that are only going to play two years of college in too many key roles. You don’t want to turn away a high, high talent like Logan Cooley, but other guys like Cruz Lucius, Jimmy Snuggerud, Ryan Chesley, Max Rud might have easier transitions to college hockey if they chose to wait until they are 19 instead of trying to make the leap at 18.