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For those who want to get a quick update about who he is. A couple of articles about him.



4. Logan Cooley — C, U.S. NTDP, 5-foot-10

Cooley is a beautiful, flowing skater capable of beating defenders off the mark or circling the zone to get defenders watching him with the puck. He’s got an uncanny ability to side-step and hop around oncoming players at speed. He’s got a great sixth sense for timing and spacing around the zone which frees him to accept passes or jumps him onto rebounds. Despite a smallish frame, he regularly flashes skill to the inside, slicing to the middle and pulling pucks through or around defenders.

He’s also a Swiss Army knife player who combines NHL speed and skill with a working attitude to push pace, make plays, win races, stay involved, and get onto the ice in all situations. I love his tempo and feel for the game out there. His touch with the puck and hands both get high grades, his skating (particularly his change of pace) and energy level are both differentiators, and those things make for a pretty compelling package on the ice. You won’t find a scout who doesn’t like him, either