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If Boynton doesn’t get a fair shot in the next two months he’s 100 percent gone. I’d say he’s 90 percent gone as of now.

Then the problem they are going to have is you have Close, who was brought here to be the No. 3 goalie (and who knows, maybe he’ll step up and be amazing, I hope to hell that happens), and Bartoszkiewicz, a young commit who struggled in the USHL, the presumptive top two goalies heading into next fall, which could preclude you from getting a bigger name via the transfer portal. In theory, a transfer is going to head somewhere that, on paper, they can be at least a 1A. Doesn’t seem like the setup here will paint that picture for anyone if you have two guys returning who split games the second half of the previous season.

Most likely scenario for the fall at this point is probably Close, Bartoszkiewicz and a low-end transfer or someone who’s aged out of juniors that’s currently uncommitted. Hopefully they don’t lose as much talent up front and on defense as it sure looks like they will after this season ends.