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streakygopher wrote:

Brinkman has his place on the team. His position as a 5th year guy is debatable, but he would be a valuable asset if the other guys took off.

He was a superstar in high school and projected out as a top college defenseman. Didn’t turn out that way…it’s a common tale.

He shouldn’t have accelerated high school to join the Gophers early. If he stays to play for the Gophs for a 5th year, he gets back on the same cycle as his high school classmates. Never understood why he and his family decided to accelerate, but can’t change it now. If he had stayed at Edina for the 18-19 season, their first D pair would have been Brinkman and Mike Vorlicky. Pretty strong duo. I also assume that leaving high school early hurt his draft position. If he had stayed in high school and dominated, I think he would have gone earlier than mid-6th round in the 2019 NHL draft.