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Scott Wheeler posted his top 64 prospects for the 2022 draft today. Ryan Chesley is #20.



20. Ryan Chesley — RHD, U.S. NTDP, six-feet

Chesley’s counting stats aren’t where he’s used to having them (or where first-round picks usually have them) this season but I haven’t actually had serious issue with the way he has played. Most of the underlying numbers are still there, he’s defending well, and he’s still regularly demonstrating tools that project. He’s a sturdy four-way skater who plays hard, defends with tight gaps, commands his ice in control of the puck, and plays with a boldness offensively that sees him join a lot of rushes and frequently attack off the line to use his point shot (which comes off of his blade hard). I don’t think he’s a particularly creative player (there are times when he would benefit from slowing things down both offensively and defensively) but the other makings of a good top-four defender are there.

Chuz Lucius is #46

Jimmy Snuggerud is #48