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Vegoe wrote:


Tony Scott and advisor Ben Weiand talk ~ 35 min about Joe Miller’s decommit and maybe being asked to play another year in the USHL. More than just not enough room.

Jack Braccini is mentioned as well — his ability to shoot the puck is highlighted, but someone who might be looking for a CCHA spot.

Scholarship money and role are always issues with college hockey, especially with so many players with the option for an extra year.

Garrett Pinoniemi, John Mittelstadt and Nate Warner also brought up. Scott hypothesizes that Warner might have to find a new spot because of so many injuries.

On paper we have to cram in Pinoniemi, Lucius, Snuggerud, Mittelstadt, Strobel and Warner to fill in like 3-4 spots so yeah I think Warner will unfortunately have to move on. Too bad about the injuries he was really good in high school.