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DreamLoss wrote:

DreamLoss wrote:

I’d probably add Brody Lamb to that list if we are talking high-end underclassmen.

My completely non-insider guess is that we get 3 of Snuggerud, Clark, Stramel & Lamb but miss out on the two SSM boys.

Hell, I guess I am an insider! But seriously, the three from the first group were pretty much gimmes and I’m very happy I ended up being wrong about the 2nd part as Chesley could be huge for us.

Guessing the other SSM was Howard?

Chesley is the best of them. If they were ranked right now I’d say:

5*: Chesley

4.5-4.75*: Snuggerud

4.25-4.5*: Clark and Lamb

Sawchyn and Moore are probably 4.5-4.75*s left out there right now.