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No incoming freshmen D this year?

This might be the deepest Gopher blueline I can remember…maybe not the best individual players, but they are going to be good on defense for all three pairings.

Lacombe, Johnson and Faber all super talented and I’d take them against anyone in the country. Koster also really talented and probably at times a little overshadowed by the other three but I was very pleasantly surprised with how well he handled the transition to the college game last year. Brinkman and Staudacher may not be quite as offensively talented as the first four I mentioned but they are as reliable as they come and they aren’t afraid to throw the body and get in the dirty areas. Finally rounded out by Fish who is big and nasty and plays with his heart on his sleeve and Denman who, I know hasn’t had a ton of playing time, but from listening to the coaches and other players it sounds like no one works harder. I would have possibly liked to have gone out and gotten another defenseman or two but it’s hard to complain with a D corps like that.

Plus you tack on the returning richter award winner with Laffer. That’s why I still have the good guys over Michigan this year. But as people have been saying those 4 games (possibly 5 or 6) will be a treat and could go either way.

They will be a treat for sure and I can’t wait! Most years the series I’m usually most looking forward to is against UMD, UND or UW. While I’m still really excited for those weekends I think this year the games I’m most looking forward to are the ones against Michigan. Two very talented teams playing in an historic rivalry that’s quickly becoming reignited and I’ve always felt our style of play and their style of play match well for some entertaining hockey.