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Kurth with another goal and assist. He has now 25 goals, 1 behind the league leader. He is also now 2nd in the league in points behind teammate and Ohio St recruit Halliday.

Mittelstadt continues to be 2nd in goals by a defenseman and 2nd in total points by a defenseman only behind former Whioux recruit Miller.

Kurth has 25 goals and 37 assists in 44 games. This projects to 35-52-87 for full USHL 62 game season. When was the last time the Gophers had an incoming recruit that was 35-52-87 as an 18 year old in the USHL?

And the fact he isn’t getting talked about around here a whole lot more!

The Luke M season is as impressive as Kurth in my opinion. With Mitchell Miller history maybe Luke has an outside shot at Defensemen of the year. Crazy that we have never had a USHL defensemen of year skate for Gophers.

Is the general thought about the incoming Mittelstadts that they were a package deal? Luke always seemed like the better prospect and John was recruited at the same time as him. John doesn’t seem to fit the mold of the normal Gopher prospect, but maybe the team is banking on him developing more at this level and being a solid, older depth player.