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Latest mock draft from Cory Pronman at The Athletic has Lucius going 14th to Philadelphia.


14. Philadelphia: Chaz Lucius, C, U.S. NTDP-USHL

Teams around the league think Philly will go Lucius or Sillinger depending on which is available. Lucius will be an interesting one, as some scouts think he’s a top-13 lock and some think he can get to around 20.

I would love to see him drop to the Wild. A scoring center sounds nice.

He won’t be a center in the NHL.


He might not be a center in college. Skating is the main “concern” if you can even call it that. Mostly his game just suits the wing position better. Can get set up by a speedy center and bury the biscuit.

I am not at all doubting you. I know speed isn’t his game and players change positions when they get to the college/pro levels.

But Koivu didn’t exactly have fire shooting out of his butt and played an awfully long time at that position.