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Vegoe wrote:

What’s funny is that Pronman did a piece that talked about most important attribute and overrated attribute for prospects.


The results were 16% thought it was the most important one and 18% said it was the most overrated. I think hockey sense and compete and character are the trinity, although if you don’t have enough skating or skill, then it doesn’t matter much.

He spoke about this on the today’s Hockey Show podcast also. Sounds like he took some heat for being so critical of players skating (Beniers as average feels overly critical to me) He said vast majority of guys he see’s not be able to improve skating, and you only hear about those that do.

At time of commitment, it seemed most felt Luke Mittelstadt had best pro potential of all D in the state. Jack Peart has really flown by him over last 2 years. Hopefully Mittelstadt can have a strong year in USHL next year and be ready to make an impact following year.