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Bonin21 wrote:

Vegoe wrote:

Now that Burke is in the portal — I wonder if we’ll see either Strobel or Braccini or Pinoniemi enroll next fall.

Why would you do that instead of a one year rental that can contribute immediately and have them come in when they should a year later?

I think Strobel would be better served with a full year of USHL, but Braccini or Pinomiemi are almost 20-years-old already and the depth chart is starting to look pretty full from my perspective.

McLaughlin, Blake 21.2 years old

Walker, Sammy 21.9 years old

Meyers, Ben 22.4 years old

Perbix, Jackson 20.6 years old

Brodzinski, Bryce 20.7 years old

Sorenson, Jonathan 21.6 years old

Nelson, Jaxon 21 years old

Schmidt, Colin 21.3 years old

Nevers, Mason 20 years old

LUCIUS, Chaz 18 years old

KNIES, Matt 18.5 years old

PITLICK, Rhett 20.2 years old

HUGLEN, Aaron 20.1 years old

BROZ, Tristan 18.5 years old

PINONIEMI, Garrett 19.8 years old