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Bertogliat wrote:

Bonin21 wrote:

We are always stacked with guys that have magical hands in HS/juniors but not elite skating. That’s why some guys can’t make the transition to college and fizzle out when they get to campus, or stay in the ECHL/AHL. His skills are good enough to prevent that, but we should get at least two years out of him because of the skating.

I am no draft expert. I don’t pay attention to recruits very much before they come to the Gophers. But your last sentence sums up my thoughts when I read the skills summary. It appears he has room to improve and some time in college may benefit Chaz and the Gophers.

I know there we concerns by some that he may never step foot on campus.

Someone close to the program in Ann Arbor told me that Chaz needs some work on the defensive end and also needs to learn to avoid hits. Says he takes some big hits regularly. Would be good if he spent a couple years in Bob’s system to help with the defensive holes in his game.