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Do we know why Huglen hasn’t signed NLI? Is it scholarship thing or seeing how his health plays out? He sure looks like he could bring some skill to line-up. Funny considering the conversation on podcast about going 1-1. Huglen definitely does that, but is successful much more than most guys. His hands remind me a bit of Tyler Madden.

I think Broz will help the PP quite a bit, might struggle with the heavy teams 5×5. His vision is very impressive though.

Hopefully Ranta and others stay and we don’t need to go to transfer portal. Lot’s of names, but not guys that could actually play for us. Ben Copeland and Colin Theisen are probably only forwards. Dylan St Cyr if we need to replace Laffer. Not sure how I feel about Galajda. Played behind a very defensive team so maybe not as good as numbers would suggest, also taking a full year off is a bit scary.