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Vegoe wrote:

younggopherdiehard wrote:

We have a lot of ‘01 forwards that will run out of junior eligibility and need to come in 2022.






That doesn’t include Pitlick and Huglen who I think will come next fall. It’s going to be tough to fit all of those guys in when you have Miller, Lucius, Kurth, Snuggerud and Lamb who all have the potential of pushing to come in as well.

I think for 21-22 teams are allowed four overage 2001-born players, so still time if they’re okay with it.

“Teams cannot carry more than five 20-year-olds on their active roster at a time, which must be reduced to four by the third weekend of the regular season.”

Yes, I should have clarified better. Could be a lot of forwards aging out of juniors after the 2021-2022 season meaning lots of ‘01s having to come in 2022-2023.