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Here is my perspective on where things are at right now.

The new goalie is going to be on ther roster next year, he’s got two years of juniors and was the top high school goalie before getting that extra experience. If LaFontaine were to decide to leave, then they’re going to need to find a third goalie. I’d think the transfer market is where they might look if that happens. Dylan St. Cyr from Notre Dame and Matthew Galajda from Cornell are in the portal as well. Moe and Motzko just didn’t mix. The list of recent players in the portal courtsey of [mention]NorthernGopher218[/mention] — Thanks!


I think the forwards coming in for sure so far are Lucius and Knies who are going to be drafted in the first round and at least by the third round. Broz and Pitlick are two drafted forwards coming that are having great seasons in the USHL. Huglen is probably the next one coming as Motzko did have him ‘penciled’ in as a recruit before the injury setback — he hasn’t signed an NLI yet though, so I think it’s been TBD on what officially will happen with the seniors and Ranta.

The next tier of commits like Strobel, Pinoniemi, Braccini and Warner are guys I think get pushed out a year unless there are surprise departures. If Motzko is ever going to get the roster older, then recruits like these and him have to be on the same page. You could always see one of those players decide they don’t want to wait and go elsewhere–although with all those options in the portal it’s a weird time to find a spot. Commits expected to come in later include Snuggerud, Kurth, John Mittelstadt, Miller and Lamb.

On defense it’s not really clear what’s going on with Nick Williams–he could be finding a new home or still have to prove himself in the USHL. Keep in mind he committed under Lucia. The two talent defensive players in the pipleline are Ryan Chesley and Luke Mittelstadt–both are going to be drafted type players, but I don’t think either one is ready to step into college if someone unexpectedly leaves.

The pandemic has really impacted the recruiting of defensemen. Motzko and Raboin like to take older players at that position especially and see how they play in person in juniors before offering them. This year the coaches haven’t been able to evaluate in person, so this is a challenge. My speculation is that if they do have to fill a gap there, then the transfer market is the best option. There are experienced older guys in the portal that would probably be excited to play at Minnesota.

Motzko said when he first took the job that to get older, they were going to have to get younger. This is a key year for them to stay on the path to getting older. If there are any suprises, then they cannot do what the previous staff did and just grab the next guy in the pipeline.

I’m sure we’ll break all of this down on the podcast tonight.