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Bonin21 wrote:

Knies feels like a Reedy type to me. Star in his 11th grade year looking like a first rounder and falls off the draft board down to 3rd-5th round territory. If that means he’s a 4 year player like Reedy I think that’s fine because Lucius/Broz/Huglen/Pitlick could be guys putting up a big chunk of points while he gets up to the speed of the college game.

In the clips Huglen looks like the USHL is a joke for him… It’s crazy. Very interested to see how he looks in college.

Most years I think you’re right. With USHL being only one of a few leagues playing I imagine scouts are at more games. Knies has been much better than production indicates. I bet he goes in 2nd round. I asked Pronman in last mailbag who we would take first Knies or Broz and he said Knies. He’s big, skilled, great puck protection, vision, does need to shoot more, especially since his line mates can’t finish