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Just speculating:

The special eligiblity rules may throw a curveball im departures but I am assuming the Seniors (McManus/Reedy/Munson) depart. Also under the impression one of Ranta/McLaughlin/Walker/Meyers departs and at least two seems a more likely bet. Wild Card departure always possible. At least four new freshmen forwards seems a safe bet and I feel the first five are pushing to be here. In rough order of how I feel their odds of being here next year are:

Chaz Lucius: A lock given two years in NTDP plus expected draft capital. Could be a Top 6 player right away.

Rhett Pitlick: Two productive USHL years and his skating and playmaking will likely be needed to replace departing talent. Seems a lock. Also been drafted already.

Matthew Knies: An odd scoring output this year but looks likely to have decent draft capital and he scored at a high level last year. Scouting reports also indicate he can contribute as more than a scorer. May be natural fit to assume Ranta’s power forward role.

Tristan Broz: Two years of excellent production at a young age and a Motzko recruit. 19 by fall, so not forcing him at a real young age.

Aaron Huglen: Clearly relatively healthy after long layoff and another forward with versatile skills to play up and down lineup. Hard to fathom him waiting another year.

Garrett Pinoniemi: The first real question IMO. Having a strong second season but still has a ways to go physically and is undrafted. Could see him going either way. Is 20 this summer, however. May want to get his career moving.

Connor Kurth: If I am not mistaken, he is a Junior in high school so only acceleration would make him eligible. Draft eligible this fall and figures to be picked in the middle rounds. Still seems logical he spends another year in Dubuque.

Jake Braccini: Solid start in USHL for a recruit we kind of figured may look elsewhere with Motzko in town. Still, too many forwards ahead of him to think he arrives before 2022.

Joe Miller: Drafted, and playing for a loaded Steel team but giving him a full, healthy year in the USHL looks most likely.

Nate Warner: Back in action in NAHL. Seems further away from campus than ever. Still seems a viable decommit.

Charlie Strobel: Apparently back on ice, though not back in lineup. Near lock to spend another year in USHL.