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NorthernGopher218 wrote:

I went to the Force game tonight, Huglen was by far the best player on the ice! I can not wait for him next year. His skating will transition immediately to the NCAA next year.

How’d Bracinni look? He hasn’t really stood out in any way in games I have watched online. He has 1 more year of eligibility and USHL is pretty deep this year with less teams and kids from CHL etc.

Bracinni looked like he belonged but just didn’t do anything to stand out. He was playing 2nd line. I think one more year would help him if he isn’t need this next year. He wouldn’t be more then 4th line right away. The extra year of development and more PP time will help. Broz and Huglen were on the top line and a big reason why they are on top the west standings. Huglen was on the ice constantly. He was the lone Forward for most of a 1:45 5on3 pk and looked very good. Broz and him brought a lot of speed when they were on the ice. They will fit in Motzko’s system perfectly! If Huglen is healthy, he should come in next year. He would be a top 9 guy.