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The atmosphere was great last night and added immensely to the fun. I was going back and watching the highlights and every cheer when we scored was loud but the second goal, scored by Broz, really stuck out to me. You would have thought the roof blew off the place. It was one of those awesome sports moments when everything just comes together perfectly.

I watched the game again today too and I concur the second goal on Saturday was the loudest rouser. It brings chills to hear it! I’m disappointed I hadn’t caught that one on camera – I had just taken a video of the first rouser and quit recording seconds before the second goal. It was a bummer that instead of showing the stick salute they followed the dejected red team as they exited the ice.

What a fun weekend. It felt like Gopher Hockey of old. I hope we keep riding this wave. What’s another six games! ;)

Go Gophers!! :M: :M2:

From what I saw, the stick salute was a mess. Just tapping-raise-tap-raise-tape-raise. Didn’t seem to be coordinated. Did I miss something.

Yeah, it’s a bit less organized than it used to be, and it did seem rushed last night for sure.