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wincav wrote:

streakygopher wrote:

The U proved they can get butts in the seats, so figure it for next season. They’ll have an uber talented team to market.

The U also proved once again they have no clue how to honor players, past and present. The Senior Night honors played to a crowd of maybe 500 fans. The band had to wait until that “ceremony” was over before regaling fans – all two dozen of them – in the concourse one final time for the season.

Yes, the U knows they can get fans if they try (care). Fans can energize our team which can lead to more wins which leads to more seat purchases which leads to more concession/ merchandise sales which leads to more $ for the U. Reducing seat prices will help with this process.

They’ve shown consistently to this point they don’t have the insight for this despite it being pretty blatant packing the stands will make everything about the product better. They won’t be able to make it so for weaker opponents, but you need to do everything you can to make it as full as possible. The team becomes way better when Mariucci is that loud to the point where it becomes intimidating. People will then be more likely to up for season tickets. Instead they keep playing the short game, abusing their most loyal fans and corporations for the extra bucks now hoping for seasons like this that will temporarily boost interest but not change things long term given it’s an overpriced option in a saturated market