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    Beauner wrote:

    ScoobyDoo wrote:

    Kirk ranks 13th. Not top 10.


    Kirk is better than at least two QBs on that list ahead of him, IMO.

    I’m taking him over Derek Carr and I’m without question taking him over Ryan Tannehill. For me (and apparently Amari Cooper) he’s about on par with Dak Prescott. Top 10ish (maybe 11),

    While that’s true they also have Lamar Jackson and 3-4 other young QBs ranked behind him on that list that should definitely be ahead of him if you factor in age and potential. He’s middle of the pack making too much money. Once Spielman extended his deal the first time it screwed up the Vikings for years. And why he’s getting all guaranteed money is beyond me.

    And the Dolphins just signed Bridgewater to be Tua’s backup. I know he’s from Miami but the Vikings couldn’t get him to come back here and be a backup? My assumption is they are already putting as much money as they can into the QB position.