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It’s deeper than sacks, and you know this. ;) It’s amount of time before they get to the QB. Kirk threw it away a few times, rightfully, to avoid the sack.

It is deeper than sacks. But he was 5th in YPA and 10th in completion percentage using the same 16 game baseline. So this meme that he threw the ball away a ton or did nothing but checkdowns is just wrong. The interior OL had unquestionably some very poor games, but to act like he was constantly under pressure is wrong.

He wasn’t constantly under pressure. The O-Line did contribute a lot to his woes, or should I say blame, in the matter.

He can manage a game, and put the team in place to win a game. Sometimes lead them to a win, with heroics and such. Is he a Brady/ARodg/Allen/Mahomes? Hell no. I still would put him top 10 QB in the league.